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Throughout the week we offer plenty of classes that provide you with a CrossFit style workout. This includes constantly varied, functional movements & skills, at a high intensity. Whether you are advanced or a beginner we allow & guide our members to fit the workout to their skills & fitness abilities. These workouts are great for those that want to get stronger, improve performance & conditioning, or just love a good challenge!


We believe strength is an essential aspect of our health & training. If you agree, you will have plenty of opportunity to build strength, muscle, & function by following the strength cycles we offer on certain days each week. We focus on 3-4 movements per cycle that we follow for 4-8 weeks. Our programming is always based on your personal percentages so everyone can develop their strength no matter where they are coming from. If strength is important to you, be sure not to miss these days!


Many of our members prefer to focus on fat burning & endurance. For this reason, we offer certain classes that provide our members with a lighter & longer workout. These workouts also help us train hard in a way that does not beat the body up. These longer workouts are a great compliment to our shorter, more intense CrossFit wods. They also tend to be less complex thus serve as a great way for beginners to get started.


Nutrition is our passion above all else & it is what sets us apart from every other gym. Nutrition is the key to reaching any fitness or body composition goal you have. Whether you are looking to lose fat, build muscle, or optimize sports related performance, nutrition must be a top priority. Most people join gyms with a desired result in mind. We can optimize your nutrition to make sure you reach that goal. We practice what we preach and we want to share what we know with you!


It is a monthly membership. You will be billed one month at a time. New members initially commit to 3 months, but after that, it is just a 30 day notice to cancel. We put a lot into our new members and give them all that we got, which is why we require the initial 3 month commitment. 

No matter what type of class it is, they are roughly 1 hour long and always led by a trainer. It is group fitness, but we adapt whatever we are doing to the individual. The average class size is about 12 people. Don’t worry, a trainer will always be there to guide you through, teach you the movements, or answer any questions. 

Absolutely not. Most of our members were new to this style of training. We teach everything from scratch if needed. We also scale for any skillset or age. Don’t worry, we will take care of you! 

Much more! Yes, we are called CrossFit Prime and we are one of the oldest CrossFit gyms in the world, but we offer varied programming for all sorts of goals. We have tons of members with various fitness abilities, ages, and goals. We offer programming to support these various goals and interests along with the best nutritional advice and support.