Weekly Update For Feb. 20th-25th

By: John Maguire

“Life is full of moments. Each sec, min, hour, day, year, etc. is just millions upon millions of moments in your life and in the end they’re all you’ll have. So don’t miss them, in fact your in one RIGHT now. Wake up!”
-John Maguire

Let me start this weeks update by saying that I know I have not been around the gym lately but I trust that you all still believe that I am continuing hard to make this training facility one of the best in the City of Philadelphia. No I am not back in Laguna Beach this year (that will be next year) and I have not abandoned you, Mark, or any of the other trainers at CrossFit Prime. In fact besides taking care of my personal business during this time I am still creating, working on, and trying to implement new ways to make your experience the best it can be.

All that being said I would like to announce to you that I have officially stopped hands on training at the facility, however I will continue to oversee all aspects of the facility’s training and programming. My absence is only temporary but this part of it will remain permanent. When I do return I would like to announce that we will officially be launching the training facilities media department and begin pre-production on CrossFit Prime the movie as well as a number of other fun projects with ONTHEJOB and GFit. So until I see all of you again, train hard and train smart. For those newbies who have no clue who I am, I plan on personally introducing myself to you face to face upon my return. If you would like to know more about me and what I am up to, who I am talking to, or just generally stalk me you can follow my on Twitter @johnniemags.

Let me just wrap up this intro by saying competition season is upon us and there are many ways for you to participate. From the CrossFit Games Open to the Stair Climb, there is something for everyone, and that’s the truth. in fact I am told if you can walk a mile in 20min you can do the stair climb. So don’t be afraid. It’s the CrossFit season so as local and regional comps spring up we will update you. If you find info out on something before we do, let us know. It’s time to test your metal. 3, 2, 1, Go!

American Lung Association Stair Climb

I may not be around much right now but I am keeping tabs on this place! I am seeing alot of missing names off the stair climb team. Over the next few weeks if these missing names do not start being added they will be called out on this site. So please go to the FEATURE section and register for the CrossFit Prime team. Janet is your team captain and hey who doesn’t like Janet!


2nd South Philly Rumble Sunday April 15!

Last year we did not form a team for this local event. This year that is not happening. Get your acts together and form your team or teams and register before it is to late. If you do not I will register a team and personally drive all your asses down there that morning. I’m not kidding! In fact if you form 1 or more teams I will rent a van and personally drive you down to the event myself. Go to South Philly’s website for all the details. Click Here.


2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Registration Is Open! Don’t Be a Chicken!
Click here for more info.


Coming spring of 2012. Stay Tuned!


*The following details only the conditioning workouts for the week.
Tuesday: Run, Bear Crawl, Pull up, Box Jump, G2OH, Back Extensions, GHD SIt Ups
Wednesday: Sprints
Thursday: (Teams) Sit Ups, Rowing, Kettlebells
Friday: CrossFit Games Open Workout (Announced Wed)

4 Comments on “Weekly Update For Feb. 20th-25th

  1. It’s nice to know that we have John “Yoda” Maguire using the force to make us better as he works behind the scenes. Keep it up!

    I’d like to be a part of a team for the South Philly Rumble if anyone has yet to make a team, or has already and needs a member. This might be easier to do as a sign-up and then make teams from the list as there has to be 6 on a team with at least 2 male or 2 females on the team. Price goes up mid-March so we have to be quick!

  2. Okay, “John Maguire” (or whoever you really are), it’s Wednesday. Where’s the big reveal of Friday’s workout already? You Big Fibber. -BC

  3. Bob-

    WOD wasn’t posted until 5pm PST – 7 minutes, max burpees all finishing with a two hand touch of a ring 6″ over you max standing reach.

    You must touch with both hands to count.

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