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9.22 Preview
Just a couple quick hitters this week. First, please remember to update your billing payment info in WODIFY. I will manually add anyone that does not get it updated by next week, but I ask you homies for your help with this transition. Also, save the date! The Halloween party will be October 25th. Hope to see a lot of you there for this CFP Tradition. Next, New members should look for a Nutrition talk and Olympic lifting class to be posted soon. In the meantime, submit your food journals to me in WODIFY. And...
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There are a few great decisions a man makes in his life, and now the choice to switch over to Wodify is on that list. For the sake of entertainment, lets review this list in my life. I would have to say the best choice in my life was when as a sperm, I decided to race to the egg. I remember a lot of times as a sperm that I decided to chill, sit on the couch, and watch other sperms compete for the Egg Cup, which is the biggest sport down there. Egg...
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9.8.14 Preview
I have my Wodify close out training tonight so that will actually be live sometime this week. I know you cant take me teasing you like this, but its actually going to happen. As for the week at hand, check it and see if it gets you excited in the pants. Good talk Rust See you in the Gym.

Weekly Preview

TUE - Front Squats then Grace WED - Deadlifts then Snatch, Run, Burpee WOD THU - Pull up, Dip and Core Strength followed by Partner Ball Slam, Lunges, Row, & T2Bar WOD FRI - OH Squat followed by Partner...
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