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Last Preview Of The Year
With some of the schedule changes due to the holidays, this will be the last preview for the year. The Holiday related schedule is definitely something to pay attention to. Before we get into that, I just want to thank everyone for an amazing year. Lots of good times have been had, lots of goals have been reached or surpassed, we added a lot of new members to the fam, and I have had the opportunity to write a number of ridiculous weekly previews slightly late..... like this one. With that, enjoy your holidays and have...
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The Week Ahead
We have a couple of busy weeks for us at the gym. First up will be the Holiday party this Saturday which will be at the Be Well Cafe. We have the place all to ourselves from 7-9:30pm for a Taco night including some of their desserts, coffees, lattes, and more. Whoohooo! Please be sure to have your name on the big whiteboard if you plan on attending. I need to have an accurate headcount by mid week to give to the Be Well homies. It is $25 per person which you can just give me...
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No 730 this Tuesday & The Preview
This Tuesday (Dec 2nd) we will be hosting an intro class at night. Due to this, we will not have a 7:30 class on Tuesday. The gym will still be open until usual time so you can come in and train but we will not be running a formal class at 7:30 because we will be in the primary part of the gym with the intro group. We apologize to our hardcore 7:30 crew which is now rivaling the 545 as one of the largest classes, but this is something we are gonna do just...
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