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Work Hard Play Hard
So that happened! Who would have thought a 42ft bounce obstacle course, Ice sculpture, Ron Juice, and a Luke playlist would have been so much fun?! I want to personally thank Ron and Jose for the hour of launching members into the obstacle course. Of all of the uses I imagined for that thing, doing flips into the air over a wall after I sprinted at a couple of homies was not one of them. Wow that escalated quickly. Felt like I was an Eagles' cheerleader. Then a couple freaks got crazy on the dance...
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Costumes & Weights
THE WEEK OF is upon us and while my weekly preview is 2 days late, it just means we are that much closer to our annual Halloween tradition. I will not say too much since I have already annoyed the shit out of peeps in the gym for the last month. I will say this... 1) We will have a great time for sure and 2) We will be strict as F about keeping peeps safe. James and others will be able to drive peeps home if needed so we are taking keys or you...
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Updates & Weekly Preview
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Paintball was a good time so thanks to Ron for getting us all together for an awesome day. We plan to do it again so hopefully we will get even more peeps next time. Also congrats to Jimson for making the CrossFit main page. Thanks to John's pics, it seems to just be a regular thing for CFP. Or maybe we are all just that pretty! We have a number of events coming up over the next few weeks so lets review in order.

SAT OCT 18th

We will have...
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