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Weekly Preview
Congrats to Meg & Sean! Meg got married this weekend and Sean had another healthy baby! Well... a baby didn't actually come out of Sean or else the government would have seized his body and we would never see him again, but their family did welcome a new baby girl. Congrats to Meg and to Sean's fam for all the good stuff going on. As for WODIFY, you can see the screens are up (thanks to James) and we are close to launching our new toy. We will be putting it into use by sometime...
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The Rest of the Week
Just a few quick hitters before I give you homies the rest of the week. 1) Please make sure you get us your most updated info including email so we can switch everyone over to Wodify. Next week I will review a bit more about how Wodify is going to work in the gym. 2) Looks like Halloween Party is going to be on October 25th. 3) Prime Fantasy Football Draft will be Online this Friday Night. We will probably start around 9pm. Sign up at Gym starting tonight if you are in.


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8.18.14 Preview
I look forward to seeing all you mofo's on Saturday for the 31 Heroes Workout. We obviously hope that you donate but you do not have to in order to participate. Due to the 31 Heroes, this Saturday will be a little different then most. Rather then our typical hour long classes, we will be running heats. The Gym will be open at 9:30 to get situated and warm up for the first heat that will start at 10am. Heats will follow roughly every 35 minutes after that. If possible, please know your partner before...
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