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Happy Thanksgiving
It's is Thanksgiving week and we will all be busy with family, turkey meat, and football. While I think the "let's name something we are thankful for" is cliche and corny as F, I'm gonna use it as a cheap transition to say something I have wanted to say for a little while now about a few members I am very thankful for. Let's see if you can guess who they are: They are some of the most thoughtful people in the gym, but you may feel they are ready to fight you at any moment...
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A Meaningful WOD on December 20th
A few months back, Sean Dugan (OTJ and CFP homie) asked if we could do a fitness related event to help a friend of his. His friend's (Scott) 4 year old son Nate was diagnosed with Leukemia back in the summer and they have been facing all that goes with this battle ever since. As you will see in what Sean wrote below, this event is about a lot more then raising money. It is about showing this family that they have support from those around them, specifically their friends and family that will join...
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A Few Updates
We have a few Holiday season events to discuss here. First, we will be playing football at 9:30 on Thanksgiving day. We will be playing at the fields located at Comley and Thornton. Second, The Holiday night out is on December 13th. We will begin at 6:30 or 7 and go till roughly 10pm. Trying to get a place we can have to ourselves and keep the costs to $25-$30 a head. This will be for adults only so get a babysitter if needed. Please sign up on whiteboard asap so I have an accurate...
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