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Open Begins this Week
Gonna be a short preview this week but just wanted to remind peeps that we will be doing the open games workout on Fridays over the next 5 weeks. We will run the evening classes in heats with first come first serve. During these friday nights, members are welcome to use gym as open gym as well as long as it does not interfere with the Open WODs for the class. We will also begin the High School Athletes Class this Sunday at 12:30pm. All high school athletes welcome to drop in for $10. Parents...
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Next Weeks Weekly Preview
My shit is on time because this week's preview is actually for next week (even though it will only have this weeks WODs). That is right my friends, this is not the post from last week that I still owe you or even a late Tuesday post for this week.... It is next weeks (we will still have a post next week. This is just my lame attempt to mask my lateness). I'm that good and this post is from the future! I know, your mind is totally blown right now. (and that is probably...
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2.2.15 Preview
I have to say good job to all my homies that I was lucky enough to compete with. Such a great time as usual. Next up to compete is our lovely couple that made the main page this week, Eddie and Sam, who compete on Valentines Day. Or should I say Sam and Eddie since she was carrying him! Oh snap, my bad Eddie. You know I still love you and your legs that are smaller than Sams. Don't worry, I can't talk.... Janet's quads are bigger than mine. But fo reals, I look forward...
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