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Comp Week and The Preview
A lot of us will be competing this weekend at CrossFit KOP's Brawl in the Burbs. For a number of us, this will be our first competition. Teams are Janet, Karin, Ryan, and Henry, then next squad is Brett, Jose, Steph, and Nicole, and a 3rd squad is Jeff, Jackie, Kierstin, and myself. While I'm looking to kick ass, I'm just hoping one of those CrossFit monsters don't eat me. It's all for good fun though. We will all be out there supporting eachother and we welcome any of you to join us. And for...
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The header just seemed appropriate considering the weekend I had. Between taking a visiting friend out and Roland's last night bar tending, I think my liver could use a good mobility WOD. I'm gonna hook a band onto that bitch and do some liver dislocates. Speaking of drinking... We are a close group and many of us meet up for the occasional happy hour (Especially the 545! They need to go to a clinic.) or hang at the gym after the occasional function. As you know I love the socializing we all do together, so...
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7.7.14 Preview
The trip down the coast of Cali from San Fran to Laguna Beach was pretty dope.  We were able to stop in 4 CrossFits while traveling including San Francisco CrossFit, CrossFit Santa Cruz, CrossFit Surf City in Huntington Beach, and CrossFit Ethos in Laguna Hills. All of them were good peeps and as welcoming as could be. San Fran is a pretty cool city, Big Sur is as beautiful as it gets, and southern Cali was a cool scene. All of which were ridiculously expensive so I will be showing it for dollars to help...
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