Weekly Update For Mar. 5th-10th

By: John Maguire
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What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
-Henry David Thoreau

After much thought and self debate. I must regretfully inform you, and mainly Mike G., that we will not be choosing a special name for members who are involved in training for competitions. If any of these members compete as an individual or together as a team, then they will represent the affiliate by it’s true name, CrossFit Prime. We are all members of the same gym and therefore the same team, it’s only that a few of us are further along in our training then others and for a multitude of reasons. That doesn’t make one person or group of people more special then the another and therefore we should all be able to rep and root for the same team without feeling as if certain people in the gym or in a competition are “special” or “better” then others.

Obviously this still will be a special chance for those with the willingness to compete to receive extra time in the gym and a special chance to train with each other. More details on testing in and when the Sunday training time will begin coming soon. Finally OTJ members will be allowed to test in for the CFP as long as they are willing to make a commitment to compete if and when asked by the team.


American Lung Association Stair Climb

STARTING IN MARCH I AM CALLING OUT NAMES NOT REGISTERED FOR THIS TEAM! THE GYM WILL BE CLOSED ON SATURDAY MARCH 24TH FOR THIS EVENT SO PLEASE PARTICIPATE. So please go to the FEATURE section and register for the CrossFit Prime team. Janet is your team captain and hey who doesn’t like Janet! Maybe I’ll even rent a van for that too and drive you all down. Will see how many of you step up.

2nd South Philly Rumble Sunday April 15!

We have formed a team for the South Philly Rumble and I will rent a van and personally drive them and others down to the event if they would like to do that. Go to South Philly’s website for all the details. In the future teams like this will be picked from the competition team based on individual strengths Click Here.


We have filled up our required slots for our affiliate team for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.


Coming spring of 2012. Stay Tuned!


*The following only details the conditioning workouts for the week and remember all movements can be scaled.
Monday:Wall Walks, Pull Ups, SDHP
Tuesday: Clean and Snatch Work
Wednesday: (Team) Stretcher Carry, Run
Thursday: Burpee Pull Ups, T2B, Run, KBS, Push Press, Wall Ball, Box Jumps
Friday: CrossFit Games Open Workout (Announced Wed 5pm Pacific)

4 Comments on “Weekly Update For Mar. 5th-10th

  1. There is no need to be regretful that there won’t be a special team name, John, as CrossFit Prime does incorporate us all and gives us our true identities.

    That was (and is) the best name and it was fun coming up with the others!

  2. Sorry I won’t be at the Climb for Air (before you call me out publicly!!), it looks like a lot of fun but my boy’s basketball team has a big playoff game that day which I don’t want to miss. Hope to be back to working out MUCH more regularly after I get through this week’s huge consignment sale I run.

  3. Just wanted to recognize one of our members (again) for his victory in the ring last Sat night. Danny Monaghan had a great showing in the police & fire boxing match. Thanks for representing the PFD Danny Boy.

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