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This weekend a lot of our ladies will be competing in the Girl on Girl competition. While Car explosions, other sporting events, walking on 2 feet while chewing gum, and hardcore skipping in warmups attempted to derail our CFP ladies, we will be there this weekend with a number of teams. I wish all of them luck. Either way it will be a lot of fun and a good experience. We know they will represent us well with their impressive fitness abilities and their “my box is so tight” team tanks. Good luck girls.

For anyone interested in ordering the new Reebok stuff, I’m putting in the pre order at the end of this week for their June and July release stuff. If you are getting something, please fill out by end of week. If you are not getting any Reebok stuff, still please be sure to purchase some other brands’ clothes and shoes outside of the gym because you are not allowed to do WODS at the gym naked. Just too goofy watching people do HSPU’s that way.


WED – Front Squat & Sprints followed by Thruster, cleans, and T2Bar WOD
THU – Bench followed by Deadlifts, pull ups, and burpees.
FRI – Oh Squat followed by the Dennis Special which includes Running, push press, coffee, and a breakfast meat of choice.
SAT – 10am & 11am Partner WOD
SUN – Open Gym & Bicep Curls, a few pec decks, and cable flys.

10 Comments on “Weekly Preview

  1. There is a n order form above the cooler for new OTJ SHIRTS with the OTJ slogan on it….”I Crossfit ’cause I drink, I drink cause I Crossfit”. Got 14 signed up already. Sign up this week.

  2. I can’t wait to get my curls in on that cable fly machine. Curls and bench are all I need.

  3. Good luck to all of our ladies who will compete this weekend. Sorry I’ll miss all that Girl on Girl action. (Haha!) I wanted to compliment Sean Dugan on being a class act. After he completed the Murph workout, Dugan went around motivating those who weren’t finished yet. He said to me, “Mike Murphy didn’t give half his life, he gave the whole thing. You can finish the workout.” Dugan didn’t let anyone finish alone. He met me out on Geiger Rd during my finishing mile and ran with me. Like I said before Dugan is a class act.

  4. I agree Sean is an awesome dude and it’s a pleasure to see his smiling face. You too Joe your the man

  5. Humbling shit when I hear such kind words from people I think are aces…got nothing but love for yas and this gym

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