MON-5/14 - Front Squat then DB Snatch, Walking lunge, Run
TUE-5/15 - Push Press then Swings, BJ's, Cleans, Burpees
WED-5/16 - Obstacle Course
THU-5/17 - Cleans then Wall balls, Pullups, Push Press, Dubs
FRI-5/18 - Bench Press then Partner T2Bar, Deadlifts, Run

The Week of 21st will be 1RM week. Let's see if we can hit a new PR or two.
MON-5/21 - Front Squat then Thrusters, Pull ups, Swings, & Sit-ups
TUE-5/22 - Push Press then Partner Chipper with Run, Row, BJ's, Push ups, & Snatch.
WED-5/23 - Deck of Cards w/ Burpees, Run, Lunges, Dubs
THU-5/24 - Cleans then Run, T2Bar, & Deadlifts
FRI-5/25 - Bench Press then Partner AMRAP w/ Burpees, Wall Ball, & DB Hang C&J

The Week of 28th is going to be a WOD only week as we will take a week off from our strength before beginning next strength cycle.
MON-5/28 - MURPH
TUE-5/29 - Run, Sit-ups, & Box Jumps
WED-5/30 - Partner Deadlift, Burpee, Sandbag lunges, & Row
THU-5/31 - SWOD w/ Jerks & Dubs then Swings & T2Bar
FRI-6/1 - Partner Run, WB, DB Snatch, Bench Press, Pull ups, & Thrusters