The Weekly Update For March 12th-17th

By: John Maguire
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“If you can’t find it, grind it”
-Joseph Taylor

Here is another new Reebok CrossFit Commercial. Not sure if the shoes they are promoting are any good, but I just like that the word is getting out there about these types of gyms and this type of training. However, I still think you have to see it and most importantly experience it for yourself to truly understand what it’s all about.

One last thing, this Saturday is St. Patrick’s day and we will be having some Green Beer and Burpees from 10am -1pm for the workout. However if anyone is doing anything special feel free to post your plans or make plans in the comments section below. For all of you that do go out please be safe and have a designated driver. Have an amazing week and remember to train hard, but train smart!


American Lung Association Stair Climb

NAMES START GETTING CALLED OUT IN NEXT WEEKS UPDATE, WHICH WILL BE THE WEEK OF THE EVENT! So please go to the FEATURE section and register for the CrossFit Prime team. Janet is your team captain and hey who doesn’t like Janet! Maybe I’ll even rent a van for that too and drive you all down. Will see how many of you step up.

2nd South Philly Rumble Sunday April 15! *Update*

We have formed a team for the South Philly Rumble and I will rent a van and personally drive them and others down to the event if they would like to do that. Go to South Philly’s website for all the details. In the future teams like this will be picked from the competition team based on individual strengths Click Here. ** Any spectators that wish to go down just to watch please post a comment below so we can get a head count of how many CFP peeps may be down there.


Follow are in house competitors and see how they rank against some of the best in the world. Plus bring yourself up to speed on whats going on in the CrossFit community as competition season is now in full swing. 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.


Coming spring of 2012. Stay Tuned!


*The following only details the conditioning workouts for the week and remember all movements can be scaled.
Monday: Posted
Tuesday: Pull up, OH walking Lunge, DUs, WBs, PushUps, BJs, KBS, Back Extensions, SitUps, Medball Squat Clean
Wednesday: Partnered 4mile Time Trial, 2miles each. (TT = max effort run)
Thursday: Not programmed until after release of Open workout
Friday: CrossFit Games Open Workout (Announced Wed 5pm Pacific)
Saturday: Special Green Beer and Burpee workout

5 Comments on “The Weekly Update For March 12th-17th

  1. It’s unfortunate that there was not a “B” Team established that I was hoping to participate in for the South Philly Rumble. I know there were others interested, too. I do not know why it did not happen, but now that I see that the Rumble was sold out as of February 28, I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Anyway, I want to come and cheer for our team and help out wherever I can. Fit me in the van, John!

  2. Mike the team put together for the rumble was not chosen by the Mark or I. Those people made the teams themselves. This event allowed for multiple teams from an affiliate and I stated that before. It was up to you or others to form your own team and really it always will be. I will make room for you on the bus though big guy.

  3. Awesome commercial! It definitely gives a good picture of CrossFit from beginning to end. Good stuff!

  4. So where exactly was the green beer? Perhaps I missed it, but I’m not usually under the influence at 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays…! -BC

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