Mwod Review, Lottery, & Preview

First I need to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the CFP moms out there. You ladies kick ass and I hope you enjoyed your Day. Side point, did anyone see Lisa’s mother’s day family pic on facebook? Jeez that family is gorgeous. Holy crap! Janet and I hung up her nice family Sunday pic over our bed just to make sure we wake up happy in the morning. A picture of her family is like an antidepressant. I love it when Eggs and sperms successfully collaborate like Dr. Dre & Snoop or Lamb & Tunafish. What, you prefer Spaghetti & Meatballs? Sometimes eggs and sperms come together and they throw them off the 300 Spartan cliff, but that combination made the world a better place.


As for Gym related stuff, The MWOD was awesome and I want to thank Theresa, Dianna, and Andrew for leading this Course at CrossFit Prime. A number of us were there including all of the trainers, so we should all be better equipped to help peeps work through some tightness, range of motion, and recovery. In line with this, we will be reviewing and teaching the key points as a class for our Saturday 10am & 11am. Quena, James, and myself will review some good techniques to help release the spine, hips, and shoulders. And we will all enjoy smashing eachothers quads and calfs.


This is your last week to sign up for the Anniversary In House Competition that will be held on June 7th. This Saturday night, we welcome members to come back and hang at the gym at 7pm. At that time, we will hold the lottery for all the peeps that signed up for this Partner WOD. It is gonna be quite dramatic. We are going to be pulling ping pong balls and have chicks in bikinis posting the results. And so we are not sexist, Eddie volunteered to serve us appetizers and drinks in his Euro style bikini briefs and bow tie. Told you we were Super official with this Lottery! (just in case anyone thinks we are serious, Eddie will not be in bikini bottoms so please come.) We were gonna have this shit at The MGM Grand in Vegas but they pulled the plug on the deal last minute cause they found out Eddie was coming and he isn’t allowed in Vegas ever since he jumped off that F’n lions face in a squirrel suite. F’n Eddie!


Please be sure to Hydrate!! Its getting warmer this week and the changes in temp are always a bit more challenging in the beginning of the season as our bodies adjust.

MON – HSPU Work or Handstand Walks then Row, BJ, Wall Ball, Deadlift, Ring Dips, Run
TUE – Every Other Minute OLY Combo then Run, Double Under, Front Squat WOD
WED – Kip Lesson for Beginners & Strict Pull ups for Advanced then Partner Buddy carry, Burpees, swings, and Run
THU – Back Squat followed by chicken chasing for speed. Just joking! Deadlift, T2Bar, Push up WOD.
FRI – Rope Climb Work and Partner Push Press, jumping Squat, and Farmers Walk WOD.
SAT – 10am & 11am MWOD
SUN – Open Gym from 10am – 12:30pm

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  1. Hey everyone… Reminder about the 5k on Saturday morning if anyone wants to support some fallen Hero’s and feel good about helping someone. The fallen cops and firemen need that support for there families. Plus we have so many OTJ guys who probably knew these guys. They made the ultimate sacrifice to keep this city and it’s citizens safe……. Think about when you go to sleep tonight.

  2. Sean , sorry we’ll miss the run! You & Bryan will kick a$$.
    Mark, some of us 5:45 ladies will be down the shore so may the force be with you for our picks. We’ll be sure to post some CF buddy carries, and maybe some toes to bar on the jitney:) We promise to make you proud!

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