6/1 - THU - Power Cleans, Jerks, Pull ups, Run WOD
6/2 - FRI - Flex Friday then lunge, deadlifts, box jumps
6/3 - SAT - Tight underwear and boots contest
6/4 - SUN - Matt Bootcamp

6/5 - MON - Bench Press then DT
6/6 - TUE - Back Squat then Run, Box jumps, T2Bar WOD
6/7 - WED - Pull up, Swings, Burpees, Push Press, Row WOD
6/8 - THU - Power Cleans then Snatch & Push ups WOD
6/9 - FRI - Flex Friday then Row, Run, Wall Ball WOD
6/10 - SAT - Anniversary Competition & Party
6/11 - SUN - Closed

6/12 - MON - Bench then Pull up, HSPU, Box Jump WOD
6/13 - TUE - Back Squats then Deadlift & Run WOD
6/14 - WED - Team Swings, Burpees, T2Bar WOD
6/15 - THU - Power Cleans then Snatch & DU WOD
6/16 - FRI - Flex Friday then Partner Wall Ball WOD
6/17 - SAT - Partner put matches out on genitals AMRAP
6/18 - SUN - Matt Bootcamp

6/19 - MON - Bench Press then Death By C&J
6/20 - TUE - Back Squats then Snatch & Box Jumps
6/21 - WED - Run, Burpees, Sit ups, DU, ROW
6/22 - THU - Power Cleans then Run & Jerks
6/23 - FRI - Flex Friday then A/S, Russian Twists, Swings, Chin ups WOD
6/24 - SAT - A Huge game of FREEDOM
6/25 - SUN - Matt Bootcamp

6/26 - MON - Bench then Run, T2Bar, Snatch WOD
6/27 - TUE - Back Squat then DU, Wall Ball, Deadlifts
6/28 - WED - Run, Swings, Burpees
6/29 - THU - Power Cleans then Row, Row, Sit ups, Push Press, Pull ups
6/30 - FRI - Flex Friday then Box Jumps & Thrusters



Closed June 11th for day after Anniversary


Competition will begin at 9am.
We will have a DJ going for the competition portion.


That evening at 7pm we will get together and BBQ with some adult beverages. Its a pot luck style so bring food if you want and BYOB as usual.


Let any friends know, if they come to check out gym during the competition and sign up, they get their 1st month free. They will have to commit to 3 paid months so essentially they get 4 months for the price of 3. It is a 1 Day Sale!!!

So tell anyone you know to check out Prime that day and if they like what they see, they can get an awesome deal.


Our Strength this cycle will be higher rep and more Hypertrophy style training for Bench Press and Back Squats. On Thursdays we will do a bit more technical work on our power cleans.
But overall, looking to mix things up a bit and have fun with a little more bodybuilding style for the summer. We will cap off each week with a Flex Friday where we will do various stuff that is illegal in most CrossFits. Barbell curls, skull crushers, Arnies, ya feel me? But I don't care cause its time to have a little fun with some summer Bro Sessions!


CFP –┬áCardio Boot-camp


There are probably still some Internet coaches out there that this squat doesn't count because he didn't get low enough ....
Gotta love the Internet

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Just a couple of grandmothers spotting each other for the bench. What's your excuse for not working out ?

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