8/14 - M - Bench, then broad jumps, HSPU, Hang power cleans. There is Assistance & Conditioning.
8/15 - T - Back Squat then Partner Deadlifts & T2Bar. There is Assistance & Conditioning.
8/16 - W - Run, Burpees, & KB Swings
8/17 - R - Max Cleans then Amrap of Push Press, BJ, Run. There is just Assistance.
8/18 - F - Flex Friday w/ chin ups and close grip bench then Partner AMRAP of Goblet Lunges and KB Snatch. There is only Partner Conditioning.

8/21 - M - Bench & Pendlay Row then Death by 10m. Assistance & Conditioning.
8/22 - T - Front Squat then Back Squat & Burpees. Assistance & Conditioning.
8/23 - W - Power Cleans, Push ups, Dubs, and Run.
8/24 - R - Power Snatch then Run, Box Jumps, Pull-ups. Assistance only.
8/25 - F - Thrusters till ya puke, then Amrap of Sit-ups, Deadlifts, & T2Bar. Conditioning only.

8/28 - M - Shoulder Press then C&J & Run WOD. Assistance & Conditioning.
8/29 - T - 1 Rep Deadlift then Partner WOD w/ Sit-ups, Wall Ball, T2Bar, & Front Squats. Assistance & Conditioning.
8/30 - W - Run, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Swings.
8/31 - R - Squat Snatch then Box Jumps & HSPU. Assistance only.
9/1 - F - Last Flex Friday and Squat Clean Thruster WOD. Conditioning Only.



At the end of the month, you will notice we will test some 1 rep maxes. This is to get accurate numbers as we head into the Wendler Program after labor day. If you miss those classes, please be sure to get an accurate Front Squat, Deadlift, Bench, and Snatch as they we be the primary lifts for the next cycle.


In September CrossFit Prime will finally begin to offer monthly nutritional coaching and Personal training. I will give more details soon. For anyone that may have friends that are not interested in a group program, but are looking for a one on one style training, be sure to let them know about Prime Personal Training and Rooted Nutrition.


CFP – Main Work

Clean (any style)
15 Minute AMRAP
10 Push Press (95/65)
15 Box Jumps (24/20)
200m Run
RX+ 115/75

CFP – Extra Work

Snatch Balance
5×3 – climbing

Just a mother and son doing some bonding while dragging a sled. Nothing beats quality family time

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Jon putting in some work for the squat cycle. Sorry, I couldn't make your legs look smaller... 99.99% of the guys (and girls) would die to have those quads. Who cares if you can't fit skinny jeans?

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