T - July 11 - Back Squat then Partner pull-ups, deadlifts, thrusters
W - July 12 - Run, T2Bar, Burpees, & Swings
R - July 13 - Clean Complex and Row, OH Squats, & Push-ups
F - July 14 - Weighted Step ups & DB Row then Partner Helen AMRAP

M - July 17 - Bench Press then Cleans & Pull-ups
T - July 18 - Back Squat then Partner Front Squat, T2Bar, & Deadlifts
W - July 19 - Jerks, Burpees, Box Jumps, & Run
R - July 20 - Hang Squat Cleans then KB Swings & Push ups
F - July 21 - Arms & Sprints then Partner Wall Ball & Sit-ups

M - July 24 - Bench Press then Fran
T - July 25 - Back Squat then Partner Diane, Grace, Annie Combo
W - July 26 - Partner Burpees, Box Jumps, Snatches
R - July 27 - Squat Clean Complex then Sit-ups, Push-ups, & Pull ups
F - Flex Friday & Congo Line WOD


Through the rest of July and August we will continue with our flex cycles for fun and a break from the norm. However, beginning in September we will start a new strength program with the 5/3/1 Wendler Program.


CFP – Main Work

A1) Barbell Curls – 3×5
B1) Skull Crushers – 3×10
B2) MR Close Grip Bench
Partner WOD
Max Reps in 13 Minutes
Wall Ball (20/14)
Sit up
Both partners work at once, switch when wanted

CFP – Extra Work

Team Conditioning
For time
4 x of 10-20-30-40 Suicide Sprints
Each member does the full drill; rotate through 4 times each

Hope everyone is learning some pointers with these technique Thursday. Are the Thursday classes not enough and you want more? Maybe it sparked an interest in Olympic lifting and you want to get better or stronger. Karin is definitely the person you need to talk to about that. She offers personalized programming for oly lifting which includes accessory work and video feedback (for a fee). The yelling in person is totally free though. Contact @send513 for additional info and if you are interested

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The week has been dragging along and this heat wave seems to be sticking around. I kind of, almost, maybe, missed working out in the rain a little bit. At least it was cooler outside and you kind of got a shower to rinse off all the sweat and chalk....

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