MON-2/5 - Squats followed by Parter Wall Ball and Power Cleans
TUE-2/6 - Bench Press followed by Row, S2OH, Muscle up WOD
WED-2/7 - AMRAP with KB Swings, Burpees, Box Jumps, and T2Bar
THU-2/8 - Deadlift then 3 mini WODs with Row, Push ups, and the Assault Bike
FRI-2/9 - Partner Jerk ...thats right! And Shuttles ya perves. Then Thruster, Sit-up, and Double unders WOD

MON-2/12 - Squats followed by Partner Sit-ups, Walking Lunges, and KB Swings
TUE-2/13 - Bench followed by WOD with Cleans and Burpees
WED-2/14 - Double Unders, Med Ball Twists, Push Press, Pull ups, and Shuttles
THU-2/15 - Deadlifts the Push up and T2Bars
FRI-2/16 - Jerks and Mtn Climber EOMOM then Partner KB Swings, Wall Ball, and BJ’s

MON-2/19 - Squats then Partner Cleans and T2Bar
TUE-2/20 - Bench followed by Power Snatch, Double Unders, and Pull ups WOD
WED-2/21 - 3 WODS with Rowing, BJs/Med Ball Twists, and Shuttles/Burpees
THU-2/22 - Deadlifts followed by Partner Wall Ball and Rowing WOD
FRI-2/23 - The Open - 18.1

MON-2/26 - Squats then Partner Clean and Jerks WOD
TUE-2/27 - Bench then Mini Chipper with Rowing, Push ups, and Box Jumps
WED-2/28 - Double Unders, Burpees, KB Swings, and Sit-ups WOD
THU-3/1 - Deadlift and Partner Franny
FRI-3/2 - The Open - 18.2



Every Sunday at 11am we welcome members to come in with their kids that are ages 10 or up. This class is always light and mostly body weight based. Going Forward, the class will only cost members $5 for each kid to do the class with them. You must do the class with your child and we do expect your help in coaching them up. At the beginning of each class we will thoroughly review each movement.
We also will welcome non-members to come in with their children as drop ins. For non members it will be $10 for each person to drop in.


We have ten participants vying for the cash. I will keep everyone updated on where they stand as we go.


Just loaded up on some new wall balls, new jump ropes, the new pull-up bar, the sand bags, and new box jumps are getting built on the way by the end of the month.

The CrossFit Games Open

As you know every Friday during the open we run heats for the WOD they announce each week. This beings near the end of February. Those that are signed up will get judges and track their scoring. Be sure to sign up on the CrossFit Prime Team. I will post more details this upcoming week for those that are not familiar with the process.

I don't know about you but these technique Thursdays have really been helping my clean form. I should definitely be able to PR them soon and hopefully you will too.

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Throwback to when it was actually warm out and you could run outside with your shirt off.

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