MON-11/13 - 1RM Push Press then Burpees, Cleans, Snatch, & S2OH WOD with Assistance & Weight loss WOD
TUE-11/14 - 1RM Back Squat then Partner Lunges, pull-ups, & Deadlifts with Assistance & Weight loss
WED-11/15 - Rowing, BJ, Med-ball Sit ups, & Shuttles
THU-11/16 - Bench & Row then Partner Jerks, Dips, T2Bar, & KB swings with Assistance
FRI-11/17 - 1RM Power Clean then Partner EMOM of Thrusters & Lateral Burpees

MON-11/20 - Wendler Push Press then Push-ups, KB Swings, & HSPU then Assistance & Weight loss WOD
TUE-11/21- Wendler Back Squat then Wall Ball & Pull-ups WOD. Then Assistance & Weight loss WOD
WED-11/22 - Partner Chipper w/ BJ, Sit-ups, Burpees, Row & Deadlifts
THU-11/23 - CLOSED
FRI-11/24 - Saturday Schedule w/ Wendler Power Cleans then Partner Thrusters & Double unders.
SAT - 11/25 - Regular classes then Football game at 2:30pm

MON-11/27 - Push Press then Bar muscle ups, HSPU, Sit-ups, & Double unders. Then Assistance & Weight loss WOD
TUE-11/28 - Back Squat then Swings, T2Bar, Deadlifts, & Squat Cleans. Then Assistance & Weight loss WOD
WED-11/29 - Partner WOD w/ Row, BJ, Sandbag Shuttle, & Burpees
THU-11/30 - Bench Press w/ Double unders then Pull-up, Sandbag Step-ups, & Sit-ups. Then Assistance
FRI-12/1 - Power Cleans then Partner Wall Ball & KB swings



We will be closed for Thanksgiving day and have a Saturday Schedule on Black Friday (11/24)


We will have the Saturday after Thanksgiving on 11/25. We will still have normal classes that day so the game will be at 2:30pm.


We will be adding the new 5am for Thursday and the Sunday Family class in January for the new year. Tell your friends that even if they aren't a member they can drop in with their kids to workout for that Sunday Family Class. The kids will have to be at least around 11 years old.


We will do a post this week that will show what our next Tees will be. These are the shirts designed by Karen since she won the weight loss challenge with Greg. We will have a pre-sign up and pay (cash only) before we place the order. We give a week for sign ups.

Full swing into the weekend. Don’t forget the Christmas party will Be tomorrow night. Details are on the white board and hopefully we will see you all there.

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How did everyone feel about those “die hard” burpees? How about the entire obstacle course? Anything you liked or didn’t like, would you like to see more of these ? Comment below what you would like to see set up or just tell a trainer.

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