MON - 9/11 - Bench - run,dubs, push press wod - gymnastic assistance - boring but big superset - weight loss wod
TUE - 9/12 - Front Squat - Planks, KB Swings, T2Bar wod - oly assistance - boring but big
WED - 9/13 - Partner burpee, rowing, shuttle, step-ups WOD
THU - 9/14 - Split Jerks - Push up & hang power snatch wod - weight loss wod
FRI - 9/15 - Deadlift - Pull ups(or bar muscle up), BJ, & Sit ups wod - Friday fun - boring but big
MON - 9/18 - Bench - hspu, BJ, run wod - gymnastic assistance - boring but big superset - weight loss wod
TUE - 9/19 - front squat - row, kb swings, t2bar wod - oly assistance - boring but big
WED - 9/20 - Run, dubs, russian twists, burpees, pull-ups, snatch wod
THU - 9/21 - Split Jerks - Partner push ups & farmer's walks - weight loss wod
FRI - 9/22 - Deadlifts - walking lunge, burpees, kb swings wod - friday fun - boring but big
MON - 9/25 - Bench - snatch, dips, pull-ups wod - gymnastic assistance - weight loss wod
TUE - 9/26 - Front Squat - Partner KB swings, BJ's, Row, run wod - oly assistance - boring but big
WED - 9/27 - dubs, sit-ups, burpees, suitcase walks wod
THU - 9/28 - Split Jerks - t2bar, hpc, hspu wod - weight loss wod
FRI - 9/29 - Deadlift - OH squat, thrusters, wall ball wod - friday fun - boring but big



Based on what I'm seeing in the gym and things people have requested, I want to experiment with a class that allows members to bring their kids to workout with them 1x per week. This class will begin later this month. If you have friends that go to other gyms, it is also a time they could drop in with their kids and workout. Some high level info about the class...
-We will trial it for a couple of months -It will be on Sunday morning -It is the only class time you can bring your kids to the gym to workout. -We will charge a drop in rate for the kids and if it works, we may offer a real cheap membership add on to you. -Each class will be the same WOD as the Sunday Bootcamp class. At the beginning of that class we will review all the movements. It may become repetitive to you but we see it as an opportunity to teach them the movements properly and review the basics. -We will still have the bootcamp class at a separate time. -For now, you can come to the class without a kid as long as you don't mind that environment. ******** I ask that after the class, kids are not running around the gym or hanging all day. I would like to keep it a good training environment for the other members that come to enjoy their training ******** More details to come.


In 2 weeks I would like to start a Partner weight loss nutrition challenge. Each team would have to put up money to participate, with half the money going to the winning team and other half going towards a piece of equipment for the gym. Also may have winning team design our next shirt. Let me know in comments if you would be interested in doing this and who your teammate would be. If we have a good response, I'll get the sign up out at the gym and we will kick it off in 2 weeks. It would be a 4-6 week challenge.


This month we begin Wendler which is a very popular strength program. We will explain it in more detail in each class for the first few weeks. In general though, our programming will include a lot of strength volume between the strength in class and the assistance lifts. For this reason I am trying to be mindful of how much barbell work is in WODs so we don't beat ourselves up. If you are serious about gains in your strength, please take advantage of the assistance work that is programmed for you to do after classes. It is basic stuff but it compliments are training. Wendler actually calls it "Boring But Big" You will also notice a template for the month that includes gymnastic assistance, the boring but big, something unique each Friday, and 2 extra weight loss or cardio based workouts per week. Mon, Tue, Thur, & Fri are our Strength days. Wed, Sat, & Sun are our conditioning/ burner days.


Get yourself ready!!! The annual tradition is October 28th. More details to come next month from the Party Physics team.

Don't think you can lose weight and gain strength while doing Crossfit ? Well, meet Greg here. He's been lifting heavier and heavier weights each week and is down 30lbs since he's joined. What are you waiting for? Come try Crossfit for free every Tuesday evening at Crossfit Prime

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Don't forget to take advantage of the extra assistance that is programmed for the new strength cycle. If you're not interested in getting bigger and stronger maybe the weight loss wod is more your style. Either ways both will be programmed in this new cycle.

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