Nicole Says Happy Birthday James!

“Vaya Con Dios III”
Complete For Time:
-15 Deadlift (W)185, (M)275
*1 G2OH
-30 HSPU (HHE2F)
*2 G2OH
-30 Pullups (C2B)
*3 G2OH
-200M Farmers Walk(140b/70lb)
*4 G2OH
-15 Weighted Box Step Ups (W)16″, (M)20″
*5 G2OH
-30 Push Ups
*4 G2OH
-30 Double Unders
*3 G2OH
-15 Wall Ball (W)15lb, (M)20lb
*2 G2OH
-30 Burpees
*1 G2OH
-50M Overhead Lunge (W)25lb, (M)45lb

*G2OH = Ground To Overhead(135lb/95lb); C2B = Chest to Bar; *HHE2F = Hands and Head Even To Floor or two 25lb plates on either side of an ABMAT

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  1. I checked and we did this WOD exactly 1 year ago. Took me 37 minutes with minor scaling. Hope to do better today.

    Happy Birthday, James!

    Hello to Nicole!

  2. As you guys are all getting ready to workout and do whatever it is you do please stop and remember and pray for the families of our Two Fallen Heroes as we lay to rest and pay our final respects to Lt Neary and FF Sweeney these next two days.

  3. We will have a moment of silence during each class before the workout begins. To show our respect to the two fireman being laid to rest.

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