Weekly Update For March 19th-24th

By: John Maguire
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Don’t get me wrong, I think bikes are terrific. I own several of my own, including a trendy mountain style, and ride them for pleasure and light exercise.
-Brock Yates

I have thought about it and have decided not to call any names out here on the site for not signing up for the stair climb. I wasn’t aware that it was a mandatory $100.00 registration fee. That is not cheap, even though the money does go to a great cause. So please go to the FEATURE section if you would still like to register for the CrossFit Prime team; it is a great day.

There will be an official after party after the event at Tir Na Nog’s. However we will be having an official CrossFit Prime get together later that night at 3 Monkey’s cafe in Northeast Philadelphia. Hope that you can all join us! *One last reminder the gym will be closed on Saturday March 24th for the stair climb. Sorry for the inconvenience but many of us will be down there participating and spectating.

That is if for me I have nothing else to say. I will be in the gym this week at some point if anyone wants to pick my brain or just tell me how awesome I am. I plan on introducing myself to newbies so I don’t have to do 50 burpees. Enjoy the Updates and workouts.


Tshirt Time!:

We are currently in the process of choosing tshirts for this season. We will be going with a pre order system similar to the Under Amrour winter gear order. In fact we will be getting Under Armour brand tshirts in light green. Shorts for both men and women will be available in black. (Girls will have the choice of two kinds of shorts; loose fitting and compression shorts). Shirts will be screen printed with CrossFit Prime written in white on the back without the “P” logo and say Forging Elite Fitnesss at the bottom, similar to the zip up hoodies from 1 year ago, The shorts will have it written across the front similar to the pants order with the “P’ Logo. Orders should start next week and there will be a very strict time frame to order and pay so that we can get the gear in on time.

For any newbies there are still plenty of CrossFit Prime tshirts available from last year. They fit great and have a cool design on them from our own James Wise. Ask the trainers to see one and any old members maybe you need to freshen up by grabbing a new one yeh!


Flicker Account Has Been Updated! Check it Out!:
The account in the photo gallery section was updated last week with images from the 31 heroes WOD. Sorry for the delay, the media department of CFP is playing catch up. Once we are caught up expect some cool stuff, look out for it this summer. Enjoy the pics and look for a new video slide show coming soon.


2nd South Philly Rumble Sunday April 15!: *Update*

We have formed a team for the South Philly Rumble and I will rent a van and personally drive them and others down to the event if they would like to do that. Go to South Philly’s website for all the details. In the future teams like this will be picked from the competition team based on individual strengths Click Here. ** Any spectators that wish to go down just to watch please post a comment below so we can get a head count of how many CFP peeps may be down there.


Last Week of The CrossFit Games Open Qualifiers:

Follow are in house competitors and see how they rank against some of the best in the world. Plus bring yourself up to speed on whats going on in the CrossFit community as competition season is now in full swing. 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.


Coming spring of 2012. Stay Tuned!


*The following only details the conditioning workouts for the week and remember all movements can be scaled.
Monday:Goblet squat, Kbs, Burpees, Jumping Jacks (penalties)
Tuesday: Deadlift, Push press, Run, Push ups, Pull Ups
Wednesday: Open Gym/Weakness training for 40min then Sprints
Thursday: Programmed after Final Open Wod is announced on Wed
Friday: CrossFit Open WOD announced Wed at 5pm PST.

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  1. Does anyone have any input on an N.O. Supplement or a muscle gel workout supplement? Will this fit into the paleo diet?

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